Create apps that fall in love

In the globalized and hyperconnected world in which we live, there are more than enough platforms to publish and sell our products and services. The challenge today is not to have where to publish, exhibit and sell, but to connect and retain those people who have managed to get their attention.

Having a website to be found on the web and profiles on social networks to socialize with our target audience is fantastic!!!! Take that link further, mean something to them and be their reference is to take your business to another level. It is what in marketing they call “loyalty”

Loyalty is much more than selling. Did you know that it is much more profitable to sell more to a client than to get a new client? We invest large sums of money in advertising to attract new clients and many times we miss loyalty opportunities with our existing clients (many more profitable and scalable over time)

Mobile applications are an excellent loyalty tool whenever you get your audience to use them on a recurring basis, because if we want to connect with our clients we must be present in their day to day. We are going to explain it to you in a practical way: when a user makes the decision to install an app on his phone, it is as if he was opening the door of his house and it will depend on your behavior that allows you to stay … Here the idea is that not only wants you to stay but greets you every day

 In an article from Think With Google where they analyze the characteristics of the most successful apps on the market, they highlight that «successful apps maintain a permanent communication channel with their users, reminding them of the actions that can be carried out with them through relevant and personalized notifications and indicating when an interaction opportunity arises based on time, time, geographic location or interests shown in the past, managing to avoid the threat of the app being forgotten and ending up being eliminated »

With the new editor of MobApp Creator you will be able to keep this «communication channel» active. You will be able to send interactive push messages, build e-commerce, product catalogs, geolocated point of interest guides, online sales applications and complement all this with radio playlists. and podcasts

What does this mean? That you will be when your potential clients need you and you will accompany them when not.

Enter the new MobApp that we give you the tools … add your creativity and quality content and you will see that the result will be a lot of sales and LOYALTY !!!!