Children + Home Working! Apps to achieve It

Working at home is the reality for the vast majority in this time of covid19 and it certainly represents challenges for everyone. Some need to structure their day, others disconnect from distractions, and some need to learn to cut work and differentiate between work and home life. Today we are going to speak to those who have young children and need to be able to work at least a few hours focused and efficiently.

To many it will sound familiar, to be about to enter a call or a meeting and that at that moment their house becomes the noisiest place in the world with tears, screams, tantrums and others. The solution is usually to turn on YouTube and pretend that the boys are not there, for eventualities this can work but in the long term this is not sustainable because this does not provide them with absolutely nothing.

After a week of crisis, we found that the solution to this problem is to integrate them into work routines and get the smallest fun educational activities that above all keep them calm.

For this we have made a search for educational apps available both on IOS and Android that allow the little ones to cope with quarantine in a constructive way, learning in a fun way and here we leave them:

Montessori Preschool, developed by Edoki Academy available on IOS, ANDROID AND AMAZON

Games for boys and girls, developed by Bimi Boo Kids available on IOS and ANDROID

Yuppy: games for children, developed by Marco Bellinaso available on IOS and ANDROID

All have a free version and a paid version.

We hope this information helps you to make this difficult time more pleasant and productive. Remember that it is a memory for a while not for the whole day

Until next post!