Homeworking! Covid-19

The global emergency of Covid-19 keeps most of us inside our homes. From one day to the next our routines have been transformed, we do not have to leave in a hurry, nor avoid the transit or the public transport. At first glance it seems easy and even a gift (for many) to be able to do our work from home. But the reality is that doing it successfully is quite difficult if you are not used to this way of working.

Getting ready to work from home requires a lot of organization, discipline and commitment to that company or that client who has placed their trust in your work and trusts that you will do it even without being present. In order to achieve these three maxims it is essential to determine when to work, where to work and how to create boundaries between work and personal life.

Here are 5 tips to have a productive remote work routine:

1. Designate a space:

Designate a space exclusively for working, an area where your work materials are permanently and where you will have available all the elements you need without having to go around your whole house

2. Create a morning routine:

Planning schedules is one thing, executing them is another. Creating a daily routine that establishes the times when you are going to start working will allow you to start the day productively. Remember that it must always be compatible with the hours you are expected to be available to be in active contact with the other members of your team or the people involved in your work.

3. Set priorities:

Start the day by setting the priorities for the day and do them in the early hours of work (I recommend it be before lunch break). Working at home can be used for distractions, so priority tasks or those that require more attention are recommended to do in the first hours when you have more energy.

4. Take the corresponding breaks:

Just as in an office job you get up to have a coffee, talk for a few minutes with a colleague or have lunch at home you should take the appropriate breaks, having the discipline to return to work as soon as you would be in the office. In these times of coronavirus you can not take a walk or leave your house but if you can have a coffee near the window or balcony take a little air and move around a bit.

The pomodoro method works very well to optimize productivity by taking the corresponding breaks, you can apply it with these apps: Focus Booster, Focus To Do, Tomato Timers

5.Keep in touch with your team:

Maintaining daily contact with your team members (colleagues and supervisors) is essential for the proper functioning of remote work. It allows you to maintain a sense of belonging to the company you work for and makes your activity dynamic

Taking into account that the time we will be in social isolation for the expansion of COVID-19 is indefinite, we are preparing useful content to make these moments more bearable and productive

Remember that for the moment and until a vaccine is available, the best way to combat this virus is to stay at home, this way you take care of yourself and others

Until next post!